NTMO Energy is an integrated oil and gas services company. Our focus is West Africa.
We are covering all aspects of the oil and gas exploration and production from drilling to surface facilities and pipeline.
Together our staff is cumulating more than 60 years in the oil and gas in management, business development, geosciences, production engineering, drilling, IT, legal and petroleum economics.

  • Technical challenges
  • Operational support
  • Human
  • National and regional

Our solutions cover

As an integrated West African services company, we assist operators to decrease their logistic costs substantially. We also collaborate with governments to provide a sustainable operational environment.

we support gas development and deep offshore technical exploration and production challenges

Our local content strategy allows us to develop not only as a ‘trader’ but a true indigenous company with West African competencies. Our aim is to support our region to develop its oil and gas industry.

We address lack of competences through training, mentorship and support for National Oil Companies, agencies, operators, service companies and universities.

NTMO Energy is an integrated oil and gas service company. Our team follows a project’s evolution from design through simulation, project management, training, commissioning, data interpretation to on-site support.

It’s an exciting time to join NTMO Energy. You will join an outstanding and highly qualified team developing the oil and gas industry in West Africa. We interested in young and/or experienced oil and gas engineers across a broad spectrum of disciplines:

  • Geosciences (geology, geophysics)
  • Reservoir engineering
  • Drilling
  • Production
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Civil engineering